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Some secrets are more dangerous than others...

High school freshman, Joanna, shares more than a special relationship with her aging hippie grandmother, Grace. Both have made mistakes, and both have secrets. As a teenager in 1967, Grace visited San Francisco, but she's kept one particular detail of that trip locked away for more than fifty years, worrying that the reckless mistake she made on a drug-fueled night would have tragic implications for her daughter, Dawn.

Today, Joanna is the undisputed leader of her group of friends. However, if her grandmother and her parents knew more about the way she maintains her position, they would find it deeply disturbing. When a new girl arrives, challenging her status, Joanna reveals an even darker side.

Could it be possible that rather than her daughter, it is Grace's beautiful, charismatic, and very secretive granddaughter who bears the mark of her youthful error in judgment? That question, along with the threat of blackmail from her past, has Grace fearing for her granddaughter's well-being and agonizing over the hefty price she and her loved ones might pay for the single fateful decision she made so many years ago.

Follow the Leader will leave readers asking, "What would I have done?"


To everyone who knows her, Jenny is a successful young college counselor. But secretly, she is also a collector, some may even say a hoarder. As a former military brat, she is on a mission to find and reacquire the many relics of her childhood that she was forced to leave behind with each of her family’s moves, and she has rented a secret second apartment to accommodate her growing obsession.


When Jenny reconnects with Nick, a man from her past, a romance begins. But, as she tries to hide an increasingly complicated web of secrets from the man she’s falling in love with, she becomes enmeshed in a messy tangle of omissions, half-truths, and lies. Then, when Hurricane Sandy adjusts its course, aiming itself directly at both of her apartments on the New Jersey shore, Jenny finds herself catapulted into a truly desperate situation. 


At its heart, Things is the story of a young woman searching for a sense of rootedness, a sense of home. But, she needs to learn that amassing physical things is not the way to find it, and that what she seeks is not an external 

thing at all. Her quest is aided, as well as complicated, by Nick’s arrival and the looming threat of the most destructive hurricane in New Jersey’s history.



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