My Own Magical Mystery Tour 

from, Nov. 2013


Back to the Garden 

from, July 2013


Creating Readers One Book At A Time

from, April 2012

It’s My Time 

from Sasee, Oct. 2011


A Sensible Man 

from Sasee, Sept. 2011


The Library 

from Sasee, July 2011


Your Daughter's First Date.pdf 

from Humor Press, June 2011


A Gray Cardboard Box.pdf 

from Faith, Hope and Fiction, 

June 2011


Septembers 1968-1969... 

from Still Crazy, Jan. 2011


"The Book Group"...From Question to Setting to Story

from Writer Advice, Jan. 2011 


From Career Track to Mommy Track to My Track

from, Feb. 2010

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